Friday, October 30, 2009

On watching

Sadly, I have never met another woman who enjoys what I am about to speak of as much as I do. These topics usually don't come up in polite conversation, however (which is all I seem to have with most women) so I'm not sure if women actually DO enjoy it and I'm just not aware of it or if they usually DON'T enjoy it and I am (as I've suspected) a freak. Admittedly I just did a quick google search on the topic, and what comes up are wiki questions from a bunch of men asking the same question. I am going to clear the air for my female counterparts and raise my lacquered hand in the air and state, "I enjoy watching men jack off."

I mean, I really, really enjoy it. Back when I had more time on my hands (heh) than I do now, and was sadly unsure of how to use the time constructively, I used to search for videos of men masturbating. Sadly, most of it was quite trashy, and there was usually another man off camera "coaching" the fellows (as if men needed coaching on how to pleasure themselves) and that was a complete turn off. I love this bit of a man's personal reperatoire, and could watch every day if I had the choice. Lots of men. One after another.

The first time I watched a man jack himself off (live and in person), it was as if I was hit by an electric shock right smack dab in the middle of my clit. Setting up the situation was tough (it was, of course, my idea) as I wasn't too heavily involved with the guy yet, so I didn't want to sound...strange, or greedy, or needy. He was highly adventurous, generous, and we spoke of random sex acts freely - like a pair of talk show hosts. Once I got the courage I purred one night into his ear, "Tonight there is nothing else I want to see more than you fucking yourself."

It was a dark evening, with hardly any moonlight, so I had trouble reading his face after I asked. I'm sure I was flushed, my heart beating like a jackrabbit's and making my left tit jiggle with its rhythm. Thankfully, my nerves were spared when he didn't say anything at all and swiftly pulled his cock out of his jeans (he was already sporting a full-blown hard on) and started moving his fist quickly up, down, around...

I was mesmerized. I grew up around women. I had never witnessed something so raw and gorgeous as what was happening in front of me. I had given my share of blowjobs by this point but never had I seen a man do exactly what he wanted to do to himself (ah, as if I weren't there at all). It was quite a lesson in technique, in what feels how where to a man. His cock simply throbbed and soon a tiny bead of pre-come appeared, so I deftly leaned over and licked it off. I looked up at his face again, and that's when I fell madly in love with the act. Now don't get me wrong, I was a seasoned pro in my own self-pleasure, but seeing a man take advantage of himself was something else all together. The pure earnestness of it. He bit his lip, his brow was furrowed. And godalmighty the sound of it. The subtle (and soon NOT so subtle) slap, slap, slap. I fucking loved cock so much and ohhhhhh. I could tell he was close to bringing himself to where we all crave to be (all the time), so I asked if I could swallow when he came. His eyes, all tiny pupils in cornflower blue snapped open and for a minute I was afraid I had broken the spell.

I yelped a bit when his hand practically flew off of his cock and around the back of my neck, pushing my lips down, down, down. I felt his release move quickly up and out, and I drank every last drop of him. I don't remember the rest. Honestly. I think I might have fainted. After that initial "watching" event I was a junkie, and pouted when I met men who felt uncomfortable with me being a panting voyeur.

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