Sunday, July 26, 2009

missed connection

A quick sigh before retiring:

I do these randomly beautiful searches sometimes (all the time when he is out of town)...Anais, arty girls wrapped in poetry/humor/kink. Part of me of course wants to lay next to them, to see if doppelgangers smell the same on the inside. The other part just wants a confidante that doesn't have a dick. Someone soft and perfumed, like me. Someone who spreads too much lipstick and too much glitter all over their face. Who knows that once you have a child your sexuality is not withered but awakened with power. I create life. I am rooted here on this earth.

Most of the time though, I read the missed connections on craigslist. I'm a corn-fed narcissist: looking for hints of me in its stark pages.

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